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I just want to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the service I have received from CMB. This is a laboratory that really understands the needs of its customers and has tailored its services to accommodate them. I have used their laboratory services for 8 years and have happily recommended them to other physicians.

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Optimum Health Panels - 4 ways your patients will benefit

Laboratory Tests at Prices anyone Can Afford

CMB Health Panels are offered at prices so low that even patients without health insurance, HMO members, or those with high deductable policies can afford them. Your patients will not have to worry about the cost of laboratory tests.

Identify Problems Before They Become Serious

Many patients avoid seeking a physician until they are really sick. Unfortunately, some of the most serious diseases have few if any symptoms until they become serious. An example is heart disease, the leading cause of death among men and women. By the time symptoms show up, the disease has progressed to the point where it is far more difficult and expensive to treat. With CMB's low priced panels, patients no longer have to delay getting the needed laboratory tests.

Monitor Supplements

Most everyone wants to feel healthier and look younger. For some, taking supplements is the answer. But because the supplement industry is largely unregulated, patients really can't tell if what they are taking is helping or hurting them. If supplement levels are too high, they can interfere with other prescribed medications. The only real way to monitor the benefits, dosing level, and side effects of supplements is through laboratory tests. And CMB makes it affordable to do so.

Healthy Aging

We're living longer and longer. With today's medical advances, many adults will live well into their 90's. But living longer does not mean living better. Early detection, prevention, and treatment of aging-related disease, along with diet and exercise, allow for a more healthy aging process.

As people age, they have less energy. Their hormone levels change, they gain weight, so they are less able to do the things they need to do to stay healthy, like regular exercise. Lab tests are among the most accurate means to access a patient's true health status. With CMB's health panels, cost is no longer a barrier.

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